The secret behind the natural beauty of the most beautiful women in Africa can be summed up in one word: Shea.

KAËL is the story of three generations and a passion for certified-organic shea butter from Benin. It’s a story that begins with the grandmother: Pauline. Passionate about naturopathy, she knew all the secrets of plants. Then there’s the mother: Martine. A true pioneer, she was one of the first women to process shea butter while combining it with other botanical ingredients with indisputable benefits. She even won several awards for her achievements in Benin, where she built up partnerships with women’s cooperatives producing shea butter – this incredible, rich ingredient that boasts so many beneficial properties. The final key character in this story is the son: Michaël. He’d grown up in this environment. Plants, shea butter, nature… They were like an extension of his family. It made perfect sense for him to take up the torch and follow in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother. And so, once he had completed his studies and learned more about the world of premium beauty, he embraced a new adventure. KAËL Cosmétiques was born.

The KAËL concept arose from a real desire to bring a range of high-quality natural products, made with ethical, organic, artisanal shea butter, to the organic beauty market. KAËL focuses on universal skin concerns that can affect any individual, regardless of their ethnic background, so its products can be used by men and women of all ethnicities.

Considered sacred by many in Africa, the shea tree yields a fruit whose seeds – the nuts – are processed to make shea butter. This incredible ingredient has long been famed and loved for its many benefits. For KAËL, it was always important to use an ethically sourced, organic shea butter, combining it with carefully selected active ingredients. Every KAËL product offers much more than skincare… These rich, natural, modern formulas also delight the senses with their exquisite textures and scents.

KAËL works with experts from the world of natural and organic beauty. Through its products, it invites you to enjoy a sublime experience as your skin soaks up the riches and benefits of nature. Carefully monitored throughout every stage in their production, and made in France in KAËL-approved laboratories, KAËL formulas are designed to be gentle, effective and an absolute pleasure to use.