Cosmetic products will reveal your beauty most effectively when they are tailored to your specific needs. Maybe you long for a glowing complexion or need a solution to keep your skin matte and shine-free? Maybe you want your eyes to look brighter, or to fade pigmentation marks?
Every day, you cleanse and care for your skin, which can be damaged by pollution and clogged by makeup, etc. For optimal results, it’s essential that you use products adapted to the nature of your skin.
That’s why we recommend taking a few minutes to listen to what your skin is telling you…
Once you’ve completed this questionnaire, if you wish, you’ll be able to receive your personalized skincare prescription from our beauty experts.

Do you already use KAËL products?

Does your skin feel tight?

Is your complexion dull?

Is your skin shiny?

Is your skin prone to blemishes? Spots or blackheads?

Is your skin prone to redness?

Do you have any stretch marks on your body?

Do you have expression lines on your face?

Do you have any dark spots?

What about the skin around your eyes?

Do you smoke?

What products do you use to cleanse your skin?

All skin needs oil. That’s why, regardless of your skin type, we strongly recommend using the KAËL Oléo Serum nourishing and revitalizing oil. It works to hold in moisture, strengthen the hydrolipidic film, deliver nutrients, plump the skin and boost radiance.